Agriculture is the main occupation of the people with 47% of the population engaged in it.Paddy is the major crop cultivated in this district. Groundnuts, Sugarcane, Cereals & Millets and Pulses are the other major crops.

Type of Soil
Places in District
Read Loam
Kancheepuram, Uthiramerur Blocks
Lateritic Soil
Pleatus in the district
Black Soil
Spread in all Blocks
Sandy Coastal Alluviam
Some Places Thirukazhukundram,Thiruporur, St.ThomasMount.
Red Sandy Soil
Kancheepuram, Urban Blocks

Classification Area in(Hectares)
Total Cropped Area 198543
Nett Area Sown 160090
Area sown more than once 38453

Area Under Principal Crops
Rice 145966
Millets and Cereals 1217
Pulses 2966
Sugarcane 7586
Groundnut 28766
Gingelly 912
Cotton(BL) 53


The total forest area in the district is 23,586 hectares, it spread interior regions and around the district. In this forest area there are 366.675 hectares for Reserved Land. 76.50 Metric Tonnes lands are cultivated in Fuelwood and 8.039 Tonnes in Cashew.


The Palar river is one of the most important river running through the district. Tanks and wells are the main sources of irrigation in this district.


There are only a few hills of considerable elevation in the district. The southern part of Maduranthakam taluk contains small hills.